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Salon Lumiere



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It can be really hard to tone upper arms. Maybe you've seen photos and don't like the look of your arms? This is the perfect way to sculpt and tighten upper arms and to feel confident in a sleeveless top or strappy dress. 

HIEMT will help to build toned, defined arms. Radio Frequency tightens loose skin by building collagen and Fat Cavitation reduces fat cells in the area, revealing your new tight, toned arms. 



4 sessions of Ultrasound Fat Cavitation on Upper Arm area 

4 sessions of Radio Frequency Skin Tightening on Upper Arm Area

4 sessions of HIEMT Muscle Sculpting on Biceps and Triceps


This package is designed to sculpt and tone your arms for a beautifully contoured, defined, stronger, slimmer appearance. 

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