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Salon Lumiere



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Theres no denying nice bums are in at the moment. Most of us desire this look, but unfortunately sometimes genetics, lifestyle and other factors don't bless us with the lifted, toned appearance we want. Now it's easier to achieve!

Building strong and healthy glute muscles not only looks amazing but can help with back pain and poor posture. Radio Frequency on the "banana roll" area and legs helps to reduce cellulite and tighten loose skin. 

Reducing the fat on the legs helps to get rid of cellulite and also make the booty appear bigger. The best part: Fat cavitation effects are permanent! 



6 sessions of Ultrasound Fat Cavitation on back of legs 

6 sessions of Radio Frequency Skin Tightening on legs to remove cellulite, tighten skin and reduce fat in the area.

6 sessions of HIEMT Muscle Sculpting on bum area. 

6 sessions of Cellulite Massage 


This package will help to give you a beautiful, lifted, toned bum area and tightened, slimmer legs that are free of cellulite without spending forever in the gym. 

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